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The Tour

Okay, grab your hard hat… and let’s go underground

Now it’s time to experience first-hand the working conditions of those who spent so much of their time labouring under these mountains. You’ll be in the company of an ex-miner, someone who knows their way around these mines – so don’t worry, you won’t get lost!

Inside the mine, you’ll hear the constant dripping of water, feel the intensity of the darkness, see the cramped areas where miners lay on their sides, chipping away at the rock for hours on end. It’s an experience that’ll leave a lasting impression.

Remember to bring a warm jacket, as the temperature underground is always a cool 10˚.

Safety first

Everyone taking the underground tour is accompanied by a tour guide and is required to wear a hygiene cap and a helmet and need to follow the safety protocols in place’.

Meet Our Guides

Our tour guides have over 150 years of mining experience between them! All our tour guides at Arigna are ex-miners which gives our tours complete authenticity. Living and working at the coal face allows each guide to recount their life stories of working underground, giving the visitor a totally unique experience.

A wealth of experience! some current and former guides at Arigna,
Left to Right: Peter McNiff, Maurice Cullen, Michael Flynn, Seamus Lehany, Leo Wynne (Deceased) and Jimmy Nugent