Students and Adults Tours

An Adventurous, Unique and Educational Experience…..

Here at Arigna Mining Experience we can welcome groups of any size whether you are a student, an adult a wheelchair user or a tour operator group.

Large groups can be divided in smaller groups of 25 with a 15 minutes delay between each group. The guided tour last 45 minutes approximately. Groups bookings of 20 people or more received a discounted rate of admission.

Students groups…€6.00
Adult groups ………€7.00

Active age groups…€6.00
Teachers, group leaders , carers and bus drivers free of charge

All groups must be pre-booked  Phone : 071 96 46466

The Visitors Experience

Before even reaching the impressive building, designed to emulate the slag heap remaining from the coal mining operations, the surrounding natural scenery of the area is the first aspect which strikes the visitor. The panoramic views across Lough Allen, onto Sliabh an Iarainn (The Iron Mountain) and the surrounding mountains and deep valleys are incredible. Regularly visitors will spend some time admiring this wonderful view, a totally unexpected jewel in their travels.Upon entering the building, the visitor is invited to explore the exhibit area which traces 400 years of mining history, and its impact on the culture and community of Arigna and the surrounding parishes.

The visitor then begins their tour underground, and an ex-miner acts as tour guide and takes the visitor into the mine. The tour underground is literally a journey through a way of life, which has been so authentically reborn through this amazing project that one cannot but leave without feeling they have had a totally unique experience. The tour is a fascinating journey through history which appeals to young and old, and leaves the visitor with an overwhelming sense of skill and dedication of generations of miners in conditions which were extremely difficult.

The crunch of the ground beneath the feet ,the dripping of water overhead, the intensity of the darkness in areas without lighting, the sheer sense of the incredible endurance of those men who worked here year after year, totally dependent on each other to stay out of danger or even to stay alive, appeals to all the senses. The sight of the cramped areas in which the miners lay on their sides in pools of water leaves the visitor amazed that such working conditions existed in relatively recent times. The underground tour takes about 40 minutes and feedback to date has been genuinely positive.


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